Today I Received My Book! (09/15/17)

Wow! It is difficult to even attempt to put into words the feeling when all of your hard work, worrying and praying come together as a finished result. Spectacular, emotional, honored, joyous and proud are some of the emotions that I have experienced today!! My first book is HERE…in my hand! I want to take the time to give credit where credit is due. Thank you all for your support! A special thanks to the many people in my life that had some part in making this dream a reality. And, to my boss…an absolute feeling of the utmost gratitude for giving me the opportunity to make this possible. I hope you all go out and buy the book, read it to your children and love it! God Bless Texas!! Thank you all.


My First Sale! An unforgettable experience!!

August 23, 2017┬ámarked a day that I will never forget; I sold my very FIRST book EVER!! It surprised me, as my book was still at the printer. I was overcome with true joy, immense satisfaction and most of all gratitude!! My smile did not fade for quite some time. It wasn’t a forced smile, but a natural, “wow, this is really happening, I did it”, kind of smile. After the smile came the happy tears and I knew at this moment my dream had been fully realized. My belief is that my book will educate and entertain the amazing children of Texas, and I hope my story inspires the belief that if you keep dreaming your dream, believing in yourself and you never give up….that dreams really can come true!! Thank you all!!